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  • What is a singing telegram?
    A singing telegram is more than just a person showing up and singing a song. It's a professional actor doing a ten to fifteen minute comedy skit as the character of your choice. We present a pink souvenir telegram, sing a comedy song for the occasion, and work personal information into the verbal part of the show. They won't ever forget it!

  • Where can you do a singing telegram?
    Just about anywhere! We go to homes, offices, schools, and restaurants. It's a good idea to call and make sure it's okay with the boss, the principal, or the management. We use no bad language, but it can get a little noisy with all the laughter and applause! It is also a good idea to have a contact person at the location who knows we are coming but can keep it a surprise for the recipient.

  • When can you do a Singing Telegram?
    We deliver seven days a week.

  • Should I call to confirm my reservation?
    Once your order is taken you are all set. Placing an order takes just a few minutes. If you have any questions or need to add something you can call to confirm just to set your mind at ease but it is not necessary.

  • The performers aren't going to do anything lewd or crude, are they?
    Eastern Onion has been doing singing telegrams Nationwide since the 70's. The characters have been evolving as the times have changed. The shows are designed to make someone the center of attention and also to entertain the crowd. They are performed by actors who know how to think on their feet and improvise. We are not trying to shock or embarrass anyone. Of course, anytime someone is made the center of attention it can be a little embarrassing, so watch out for paybacks!

  • What guarantee do I have that the person will show up?
    We use only professional actors, musicians, etc. We screen our talent carefully. They will show up, and do a wonderful job. Every once in a while a car will break down, or someone will break a leg the day of the show. There are always situations that are beyond our control, but the performer will call you.

  • How much notice is needed?
    As much as you can give us! We do provide same day service but advanced reservations are appreciated. (Less grey hair for the office staff!)

  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    To cancel a visit, you must contact us at least 48 hours in advance (during business hours). If the 48 hours notice is not given, you will be charged full price.

  • Do you have a performer in my area?
    We currently have locations in Atlanta, San Francisco, New Orleans, Minneapolis and Reno. New locations will be available soon.

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